Get your quiet times done & grow closer to God.

Making time to read and meditate on Scripture everyday can be hard. Meet the world's first HABIT-FORMING Bible study journal (backed by science).



What's the SCRIBE Bible Journal?

The SCRIBE Bible Journal is a daily four question Bible study format that uses "IF-THEN" planning to help Christians automate their quiet times and grow closer to God.

Well over 100 studies have shown that deciding in advance when and where you will take specific actions to reach your goal (also known as IF-THEN planning) can double or triple your chances of success.

SCRIBE Bible Journal

Grow closer to God, automate your quiet times. Meet the world's first HABIT-FORMING Bible study journal.


SCRIBE Bible Journal
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"I find that I get lost in the Bible. I am more at peace. I have a calmness about me. I’m happier in serving our Lord and that has filtered down to where I’m back to being the “new” wife that I was 25 years ago when I was first married to my husband. I am happy to serve him as well and instead of being bitter. This journal has saved me from falling further into despair. It has helped me to find what I thought was desire to serve Jesus." 

Monica C.

This is so legit!!

"With this Bible journal, you’re able to track progress with reading scripture, it gives you tips on how to better discipline yourself in your quiet times and challenges you to apply what you learned to your life!"

Kirby Minnick (Christian Youtuber)

This journal is amazing!!

"For the longest time, I’ve had a really difficult time creating a consistent structure within my quiet times with Jesus. With kids and Work and everything else that goes into life, it can be super easy to get distracted. Ever since I’ve been using the Scribe Bible Journal not only has it helped me structure my quiet times, it’s also help me create a healthy habit. This journal is amazing!! Go check them out!!!"

Johnny Eastman

Our Mission

We create beautiful & meaningful products to positively improve your spiritual life.

Our mission

We create beautiful & meaningful products to positively improve your spiritual life.