3 Christian Gift Ideas To Encourage Someone In Their Walk With God

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Every year when it comes time to start Christmas shopping, I find myself wracking my brain to think of creative gift ideas that will be meaningful to each of the people on my list.

One of my favorite ways to ensure a gift is meaningful, is by having at least part of the gift be something I know will benefit the most meaningful part of a person’s life: their relationship with God.

 These are three things I personally use that have been the most significant tools in my life in terms of drawing me closer to God. 



I have been using the SCRIBE Bible Journal consistently since February of 2018 and truly cannot tell you how much my time in God’s Word has benefited from it.  My time in the Bible has been most fruitful since I’ve been using it—I’ve gone through at least five of these journals and have even gotten several friends to try it too (all of them love it).  I love that it encourages and excites me about digging deep into Scripture, meditating on it, and letting it permeate my heart and mind. 



When I’m in a rush reading the Bible in the morning, it’s easy to engage it only on a surface level—but this tool walks me through the steps of studying Scripture and helps me to slow down. 



SCRIBE is the world’s first habit-forming Bible study journal (backed by neuroscience), and after using it for almost two years I can attest to how true that is.  I’m forever thankful for how it has helped to bring consistency and depth to my time in Scripture.




What better way to encourage someone who is wanting to read the Bible more than by giving them one?  The mission of Hosanna Revival is to encourage women to engage Scripture by creating beautiful and intentional tools—and that’s precisely why I love them.  They create beautiful hand-painted and printed journaling Bibles and with a variety of styles I think it’s such a beautiful way to personalize a Bible and get someone excited about digging into it.  All of their designs are stunning.  Pictured below are one of their floral designs (first photo—this exact one is an older design they no longer carry, but they have plenty of similar ones), the Cincinnati theme (second photo—my personal favorite), and the more minimally-designed Sojourner collection (third photo).  These are just a taste of what they offer though, so be sure to check their website to see more!





Last but not least: devotionals!  This is one of my favorite go-to’s in gift giving if I have most a person’s gift figured out already, but need one last thing to complete it.  I love this idea because it’s a great way to personalize a gift to the season someone is in, a topic they are dealing with, or an area they are wanting to grow in.  For example, several times when a friend of mine has become a mom within the year, I’ve gotten her a devotional on motherhoodThe Daily Grace Co. is one of my favorite places to buy devotionals because they are biblically-based, affordable, and they offer a wide variety of study topics including waiting on God, anxiety, the fruit of the spirit, the Sermon on the Mount, and also studies on specific books of the Bible (1 Peter, Ruth, Psalms, and Romans to name a few).  I’m currently going through their Daughters of Grace study with some friends—it focuses on what we can learn about God through studying the stories of women all throughout the Bible, and I’ve been learning so much!



Take A Look Inside The SCRIBE Bible Journal Below:


A structured format to help you dig deeper into Scripture and make it a habit!




Take inventory of all the wonderful things God is doing in your life!


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