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The above graphic is by Chris Harrison - He writes:  

"This set of visualizations started as a collaboration between Pastor Christoph Römhild and myself in October of 2007.  

 He had put together a dataset of cross references found in the Bible. Together, we struggled to find an elegant solution to render the data, more than 63,000 cross references in total.  

 We set our sights on something more beautiful than functional. At the same time, we wanted a visualization that honored and revealed the complexity of the data at every level – as one leans in, smaller details should become visible.  

 This ultimately led us to the multi-colored arc diagram you see above.



Each of the 63,779 cross-references found in the Bible are depicted by a single arc - the color corresponds to the distance between the two chapters, creating a rainbow-like effect.  

The bar graph that runs along the bottom represents all of the chapters in the Bible (starting with Genesis 1 on the left).   

The length of each bar denotes the number of verses in that chapter (so, for instance, the really long bar near the middle is the longest chapter in the Bible, Psalm 119)."  



Over 35 authors spanning over 15 centuries. Such complex diversity, and yet such harmony because there is truly only ONE AUTHOR and that is God. One message for all time.  

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